Potentially Toxic Metals (PTM) in School Children of Lahore

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Today we explore a new research based in children schools of Lahore City of Pakistan. This study is about the toxicity of metals in dust of these areas. In the 190th volume of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety journal, this study uncover the concentration of metals in dust of concerned schools.

Researchers say that the concentration of Potentially Toxic Metals in dust of schools in Lahore is much higher than the permissible limits. These researchers selected three types of schools of residential, industrial and road side areas. The much exposed schools were of the industrial areas, and that of residential areas were less exposed than others.

Could we be able to get out of these issues? Yes, we can, but this will need some proper and good concern.

It is a serious concern for  the governments, NGOs and private as well as public organizations to strongly concern over these matters.

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Sohail Anjum

Sohail Anjum completed his undergraduate degree in Zoology from University of Malakand in September 2019. He is a young researcher in Ecology. He has also worked with IUCN as a Reviewer of Proposals for IUCN Congress 2020.

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