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Germany With Lowest Corona Deaths: Why?

Free and Strong Health System is The Way to Success

Hello Ecology and The Environment Readers!

Today, We explore from The New York Times that Germany has reported more than 0.1 Million cases but the death rate is very low. This exception is due to many reasons; Some of these are:

  1. The first cases occurred in young people who were very strong with respect to immune system.  
  2. The government has good testing services, providing it to more people.
  3. The common and the particulars; all the members of the community are well aware of the outbreak and have confined themselves to homes.
  4. The folks are exercising the health care precautionary measures with full attention.
  5. Germany has well equipped and free system of health.

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Sohail Anjum

Sohail Anjum completed his undergraduate degree in Zoology from University of Malakand in September 2019. He is a young researcher in Ecology. He has also worked with IUCN as a Reviewer of Proposals for IUCN Congress 2020.

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