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COVID-19: Precautionary Measures, Mental Strength is Important

Social Media is Playing its Negative Role By Discouraging People


Today we know that an outbreak of coronavirus causing COVID-19 has put the human life on a broken ship inside water. The life of all is at risk throughout the world. Thousand of cases and thousand of deaths has drawn the red lines between the people. The most famous quote “United we stand, Divided we fall” is now reverse to that and is “Divided we Stand, United We Fall”.

Good news is from China, where no positive case is in reports from previous three days, they have won the battle against the evil virus.

Our Ignorance

Governments, NGOs, Local and international communities are warning the people to remain isolated at homes, increase social distancing and avoid interaction with each other. But we, at our peak ignorance are unable to accept and revise our behavior according to instructions and directives from these bodies.

Precautions and Healthy Measures

The people are advised to do the following;

  1. Avoid hand shaking.
  2. Increase Social Distance
  3. Wash hands frequently
  4. Don’t touch face, mouth and other soft organs.
  5. Isolate Yourself’ and many more…

All these measures are for our own health by which we can safeguard our bodies and lives.

Role of Social Media

In my opinion, social media is playing a negative role in today’s situations. The people are becoming mentally sick because they are given with false and plenty of wrong information. The layman is unable to know the truth. Social Media workers, especially youth is spreading and sharing these undervalued and unproven information. I just mention one example:

A Young man, of age of about 25 years, shared on his Facebook wall ” The Russian President Putin has dropped 800 tigers and lions to push people to their homes, to stop Corona Spread” Now see this statement, a bullshit information.

As a nation and responsible community, it is our duty to direct the nation toward a positive gear.

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Sohail Anjum

Sohail Anjum completed his undergraduate degree in Zoology from University of Malakand in September 2019. He is a young researcher in Ecology. He has also worked with IUCN as a Reviewer of Proposals for IUCN Congress 2020.

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