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Brutality in Zoos With Animals Needs Your Attention

Two Lions Died In Islamabad Zoo While Transferring It to Permanent Home

During our childhood, It was our struggle to insist on our parents visiting us at the zoo. For many times we failed to visit. But one time we got to Safari Park of Malakand District at Malakand. We saw there a couple of leopard species. It was the first time in my life to see such a carnivore, and I still remember the fear of that couple in a cage. However, I, in my heartfelt pain for such animals who are urged to live in a small cage. The main point behind this scene which I want to describe is brutality in Zoos where animals face problems. I, today advocate here the rights of these innocent animals. Invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammal species are kept at zoos for the entertainment of humans. In this article we will discuss the topic, Brutality in Zoos With Animals Needs Your Attention.

Why do we feel Pain?

Today, we can feel the pain because nowadays we are observing quarantine due to coronavirus pandemic. Animals live in zoos with threats from humans because any time a tragedy may occur. Here we consider this article for awaking the people and governments to provide full support to zoo animals.

Brutality in Zoos With Animals Needs Your Attention. But How? Let us go deep.

What is the Zoo?

A zoo is any place to keep wild animals. The purpose may be conservation, display to the public, or maybe for the study of students. Zoos keep animals in normal conditions where all facilities are provided.

Why Establish Zoo?

The main purpose to establish a zoo is to attract the eye of the general public. A zoo can add revenue to the treasure of a country when people visit it. Children, women, and men pay tickets which adds to a country’s treasure. However, we are lucky to have zoos, which keep some of the most threatened species of this planet.

Pakistan’s Status

In Pakistan, a number of confinements are present where animals, birds, and other organisms are in the care of professionals. The confinements in Pakistan include zoos, safari parks, aviaries, wildlife parks, and reptile centers. There are about 16 zoos countrywide. These zoos are looked after and facilities are provided to ensure their health.

The Peshawar Zoo

In recent years, news in different electronic and print media circled about the health status of animals in different zoos of Pakistan. In the Daily Pakistan newspaper on the 18th of June 2020, We saw that two giraffes were killed due to a dangerous virus. It was claimed that the virus is unknown and other animals in the enclosure are also in danger. Iftikhar Ahmad who is the director of Peshawar zoo says that approaching different laboratories did not find any solution to our problem.

The Peshawar zoo is one of the largest zoos in Pakistan. It was established in 2018. According to Dawn, the death of giraffe is the 3rd death for one month. While earlier Dawn reported that during one month, 30 animals died. All of these deaths are due to respiratory illness.  The sad aspect is that the keepers are not properly trained and there is no single laboratory to care about animals.

The Islamabad Case

A similar case in 2019 in Islamabad zoo also got viral. Many animals died due to the carelessness and bad conditions of the animals.

Due to the unprofessional and careless approach of officials, two lions died yesterday while transferring them to a permanent home. Carelessness is increasing day by day. The full attention of professionals along with proper training is very essential.

A Lesson for us

Beside many problems, our zoos are at risk each and every time. The risk may be a viral infection, a powerful fire, and other such accidents. The government should realize the need for the establishment of laboratories specific to animal health. The emergency response team is also a need of the day. While transferring animals from one zoo to another, extensive care should be the first priority. Other measures like health facility, food supply, water supply, temperature check, and clean confinements are the rights of these animals. In the end I courage to quote that Our Prophet (SAW) said that Allah will inquire about the rights of animals we keep at homes. Their health and food supply is should be our first priority. Zoos are our secondary homes.

Allah Knows Well.





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Sohail Anjum

Sohail Anjum completed his undergraduate degree in Zoology from University of Malakand in September 2019. He is a young researcher in Ecology. He has also worked with IUCN as a Reviewer of Proposals for IUCN Congress 2020.

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