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What is Ozone Layer? Its Effect & Solutions

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Have you ever listened or read about Ozone Layer? I think you had may be in science subject. So, Ozone layer is protecting living organisms from ultraviolet rays. Basically, ultraviolet radiation causes huge amount losses to living organism health, it causes human cancers, and other skin diseases. Through Ozone layer we are saved from such radiation of sun. Earth atmosphere is not only composed of Ozone layer but many other layers present in that atmosphere such as Thermosphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere and Troposphere.

What is Ozone Layer?

It is a layer which is composed of 3 oxygen atoms instead on 2 atoms and it is approximately 10 kilometers upward from the earth surface and it absorbs ultraviolet radiation of the sun to shield billions of living organism on the earth planet.


Effect of Weak Ozone Layer:

Human health:

UV radiation cause skin cancers, sunburns, quick aging etc. So, if Ozone Layer breaks. then it will be exposed to strong UV radiation and it will be a disasters loss to human life.


UV light are very strong and many of crops, fruits, and vegetables vulnerable to UV light, the crop includes wheat, corn, oats, rice, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower and etc. UV light affects crop growth, photosynthesis and flowering.

Threat to marine life:

Do you know what is plankton? The plankton are various group of organisms that live in large bodies of water. Mostly plankton are impacted by strong ultraviolet rays. If ozone layer disturbs or decrease in number of plankton then it disturbs the marine chain food in lot of ways. Ultraviolet rays also could reduce the fortunes of fishers.

Effect on animals:

Like humans, domesticated animals could also face skin and eye cancer due to exposure of strong UV radiations. UV radiation not only affects living organisms but it also affects certain materials like plastics, wood, fabrics, rubber are degraded by strong UV radiation

Solutions to Make Strong Ozone:

Reduce Use of pesticides:

If you are farmer then absolutely you use pesticide spray to control pest and weed, but it causes ozone layer depletion. To reduce depletion of ozone layer then use nature method to get rid of pest and weeds on your farm and use eco-friendly chemical to control insect pest on your crop.

Reduce use of vehicles:

Limit use of vehicles and give preference to walking and it is better for health as well as for ozone layer because vehicles emit lot gasses in the form of smog which cause depletion of ozone layer.

Cleaning products:

Always use natural and environmentally friendly cleaning product because most of cleaning product are loaded with chemicals and it find its way to atmosphere and it contribute depletion of ozone layer.

Prohibit the use of nitrous oxide:

Do you know what is Nitrous Oxide? It is laughing gas and its formulation is N2O and it is harmful gas which is destroying the ozone layer very badly and this gas still use in these days. Governments must take action to reduce use of nitrous oxide to save ozone layer and this planet.

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I did B. Sc in Horticulture department and working as Field Faclitator in CABI organization, volunteer Field Facilitator & content writer at Indus Agriculture Development Organization, & Founder of Greenify Agriculture.

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