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Pakistan Future Projection of Climate Change

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a South Asian country and has the 6th largest population of the world. Pakistan is on the list of top 10 most vulnerable countries to climate change according to the Gremanwatch report, despite the fact that its contribution to the total global greenhouse gas emission is less than 1 percent. Pakistan is facing climatic disasters such as floods, change in precipitation pattern and heat waves events, however  low is its contribution of greenhouse gases. These atmospheric changes not only damage Pakistan agriculture sector but also cost billions to its economy.

The future scenario of Pakistan climatic condition is also not very good. According to the Asian Development Bank, by 2080 the temperature rise in Pakistan will be as high as 4.38 °C. According to the report, the summer season is becoming longer with a rate of 11 days per decade. It is an alarming situation for an agricultural country like Pakistan because it will affect not only the major crops of the country but  also reduce per capita availability of freshwater. According to the report by 2050 Pakistan’s production of wheat crop will decrease by 11.0% under the A2 scenario of IPCC. Pakistan needs a strong policy and strict legislation or political action to combat climate change.

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Mian Arsalan Aslam

Muhammad Arsalan Aslam is undergraduate student and environmental researcher at the Government College University Faisalabad.

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