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Impact of Coronavirus on Environment


The coronavirus has affected the world in many ways. Thousands of patients have died. More and more are getting infected everyday. Many countries don’t have adequate supplies of necessary health equipment. Food supplies fell short in many regions. The way we do our daily chores has changed. The lockdowns have profoundly affected the businesses.

Amid this crisis, the shutdowns have had some positive effects on the environment.

There are a four ways coronavirus is affecting the environment.

Air Quality

The coronavirus began in December at Wuhan, China. A drop in air pollution was observed by NASA in Hubei province. The government of China put lockdown in Wuhan and other cities due to the virus.

Fei Liu is an air quality researcher at NASA, and he told the Guardian that; “This is the first time I have seen such a dramatic drop-off over such a wide area for a specific event.

The improvement in air quality recorded in China due to reduction in CO2 emission, Marshall Burke the researcher at Stanford University, calculated that, China have probably saved 20x the number of lives than have so far been lost to the corona virus.

It is clearly incorrect to conclude that pandemics are good for health, but the calculation useful about health, Burke wrote on his blog post.

Gas emission of greenhouses

Most of the countries which are affected by the corona virus, that countries also order closing schools, shops and factories which slowing down the economy & emissions.

However, China is the world’s largest emitter, but new study briefs that carbon dioxide emissions have fallen by around 25 percent, and other factors of reducing emission is lower oil demand.

Corona virus is spreading around the world and The International Energy Agency said that global oil demand is expected to decline this year.

Mountain Waste

The drinks served in only single disposable cups to prevent from virus to spread and the Starbuck stopped accepting reusable cups from its customers. The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) reported that, “there is not any prove or any evidence that food may be a route of transmission of the corona virus into human”

The waste hospitals increase which include single use tissue paper and face masks. Quadrupled reported that the waste of medical is more than 200 tons a day and it can also spread the virus.

Climate Crisis

The corona virus takes everybody’s attention, and somewhere the climate issue is off the agenda. The debate on climate at the European Parliament was shortened due to the virus and the President of Parliament David Sassoli quarantined himself for two weeks.

Greta Thunberg which is a Swedish climate activist, and she wrote via Instagram that “We can’t solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis, and we must unite behind experts and science”.

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Noshad Ali

I did B. Sc in Horticulture department and working as Field Faclitator in CABI organization, volunteer Field Facilitator & content writer at Indus Agriculture Development Organization, & Founder of Greenify Agriculture.

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