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Climatic Change Causing Mass Extinction in Pakistan

Pakistan Through Sea Change

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There is lot of organization and platform working in Pakistan like Greenify Agriculture, Indus Agricultural Development Organization, CABI (Central Agriculture Bioscience International), FAO (Food Agriculture Organization), etc., to control climatic change but still it is happening due to huge amount of gas emission in the environment.


According to a report Global Climate Risk Index has placed Pakistan on the fifth spot on the list of countries most effected by climate change in its annual report for 2020, which was released by the think-tank Germanwatch.

Report shows that our contribution is not much as it should be, because people are still suffering from high heat waves and last year approximately 60 people died due to heat waves in Karachi.

Pakistan greenhouses gases contributing only 1% to world and it blamed for causing global warming, and ice is melting in mountains which causing floods and other threats of health, agriculture etc.

According to report World Wildlife Fund 2012, that Pakistan geographic locations like Middle East and South Asia where temperature is increasing very fast, it is increasing 7.2 Fahrenheit by the 2100 century.

Last year hottest day of earth was in April and temperature was recorded in Pakistan’s city Nawabshah which was 122.4 Fahrenheit and every new summer we always record new high temperature which have badly affected our health as well as in daily routine.

Human life facing lot of problems due to climatic change like people are dying due to high temperature and the Provincial Disaster Management Authority reported that approximately 1,200 people died in Pakistan in June 2015 and almost 6,500 treated illnesses due to high temperature in Karachi.

Mainly Pakistan’s rivers fed by the Hindu Kush-Karakoram Himalayan glaciers, and due to climatic change, temperature is increasing every year and that causing melting that glaciers. And other reason of temperature increasing is deforestation in Pakistan for housing that area and that causing land to be less fertile for farming, which may result lack of food storage in future. Whereas vehicle also play big role in global warming, that causing heat and destroying ozone layer badly through its gases and due to climatic change weather like summer are extending for long time.

In 2050, the population of Pakistan nearly touched to the amount of 100 million, then Pakistan will be the 6th largest population, and it give lot of stairs to the resources. Whereas 300% of carbon emission increase by the next 15 years.

Pakistan signed the Paris Climate Accord, according to that country reduce its emission by 2030, but still not planned that how it will accomplish? But we have only hope that it will accomplish soon.

We have lot of big challenges to feed the population, and glaciers are melting due to high temperature and it also evaporating water, and we are facing shortage of water to irrigate crops such as wheat, rice and vegetables. Crops are decreasing its yield because of change in weather, and weathers are going long as usual like summer, leaving a bad impact on crops.

In national assembly of Pakistan, there are of lot issues debating every day like corruption but the major issue and challenge of climatic change in Pakistan not debuting in assembly, and government still not taking seriously this issue.

Only Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, give some attention to the environmental issue and they planted one billion trees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to reduce this problem but it is still debatable.

The Asian Development Bank reported in 2017, that northern country will suffer from climate change and temperature will increase and that decrease water in coming year. This report also warns about heavy rain fall which cause floods and it damage the country infrastructure and warmer temperature will affect crops production, which cause shortage of food.

So, there is quote by Francois Hollande (President of France) “We have single mission: to protect and hand on planet to next generation. So, plant trees and save the environment.


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Noshad Ali

I did B. Sc in Horticulture department and working as Field Faclitator in CABI organization, volunteer Field Facilitator & content writer at Indus Agriculture Development Organization, & Founder of Greenify Agriculture.

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  1. Very informative Article and we all must take steps to tackle this issue. This is not one country’s business it’s everyone’s business. We must plant trees 🌲.

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