We Are from Biodiversity

22nd May Observed as International Day for Biodiversity


The Planetary earth has more than 750,000 animals, 250,000 plants and countless number of microorganisms [1,2]. Which live in forests, glaciers, hot springs, sedges, rivers, lakes, and underground reservoirs. Among these million number of plants, there is no two or more than two plants which have similar characters. No two animals have alike attributes among this million species and similar is for microorganisms. This is what we called variation. This variation in terms of Science is known as Biodiversity. The term diversity is not only limited to these morphological variances. But it is also pertinent to Genetic, Species and Ecosystem level.

We spent millions of rupees every year to discover life on other planets and billion rupees to destroy life on this planet, and give development title to this devastation. This devastation may be in the form of urbanization, deforestation for fuel and lumber wood, Roads expansion. These are gigantic problems which constantly engulfing our biodiversity cover.

Human beings and Biodiversity

Human beings are dependent on biodiversity from ancient times for food, med iciness, transport, shelter, fragrances. In Pakistan forests are the source of income of more than 1 billion people, 32% of total energy needs originate from plants.  Provides forage to 1/3 of our livestock’s [3].  In spite of such dependency the biodiversity loss in Pakistan is highest in Asia. Like deforestation rate in Pakistan is highest in Asia, which is 0.2-0.5 per annum. Our neighboring countries, India and China the deforestation rate are quite tiny. Every year number of plants and animals species becomes endangered and extinct. Asparagus gharoensis, Astragalus clarkeanus, Aconitum violaceum, endangered plants species in Pakistan. Simillarly Panthera pardus, Panthera uncial,
Gazella subgutturosa
are the critically endangered animal’s species[4, 5].

Biodiversity Day

Keeping in view the vicious behavior of human beings towards the nature and the unsustainable utilization of natural resources. The United Nation General Assembly in December 2000 passed an ordinance to adopt 22 May as an International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB). The aim of this adaptation is to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. The day was celebrated for the first time in 2002, and dedicated to “Forests Biodiversity”, and is celebrated every year from last 18 years with different themes. The slogan of this year is “Our Solutions are in Nature” which stress hope, and working together to conserve biodiversity and emphasis the sustainable utilization of resources.

The day is celebrated in Pakistan also, but not with that spirit despite that our country is 5th in rank in World expose countries to climate change. Being the responsible citizens of this beautiful country it’s the time to come forward and pledgee practical steps to save and conserve biodiversity.

We have to answer our forthcoming generations for this indefensible use of these resources, because these are shifted from our ancestors to us, and we have to handover it. Conserve Biodiversity because.,

We are from Biodiversity, Biodiversity is not from us.

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Sikandar Shah

Sikandar Shah is an enthusiastic and energetic student of Botany Department, University of Peshawar, Peshawar. He published many research articles in prestigious national and international journals. He also participated in more than ten national and international Conferences, seminars , Symposia. He also stand as an organizer of many events and work as ambassador and student member with many societies. Now a days he is leading Plants Educational Forum-UOP volunteerly for public awareness.

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