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Elephants on Fire

Conservationists and General Public Rising Concerns About Massive Elephant Deaths.

Animals play an important role in sustaining all ecosystems. From microorganisms up to large mammals, all have a key role. Recently, the world is observing that Elephants are on fire. Why elephants are on fire?

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The Issue

On the ecological scale, every ecosystem is enriched with numerous small and big animals. The question of why elephants are on fire? Needs thorough attention and research. The New York Times claims in a report that on 25th May, an aerial visit found about 169 carcasses in Okavango Delta area Botswana. On a second visit in June of this year found more killed elephants, raising the death toll to 356. This shocking news of Elephant’s massive deaths spread over the entire world like a fire in the jungle.

Why So Many Deaths

Conservationists are raising questions for the Elephant’s high death count. A close view of the carcasses reveals that these elephants have ivory. No missing and all intact ivories phase out the possible poaching.

Now conservationists say that there may be some possible reasons for leaving marks. One of those possible reasons is poisoning the giant but innocent elephants. Another possibility is an endemic infectious disease situation.

What we can do?

The African Wildlife Foundation estimates that each about 35,000 elephants are killed. This is a piece of shocking news. We are subtracting 35,000 valuable elephant species from this planet. Another analysis finds that the death toll for the last three years is about 10000. Alarming! It is alarming because elephants are important factors in sustaining grasslands.

Whatever the reason may be, but it is a very shocking scenario for us. This mysterious death of hundreds of elephants rises hard-to-answer questions about the conservation efforts. Lifesaving organizations now need to re-visit their policies. They need to raise concerns about the massive deaths of elephants. We may say Elephants are on Fire.


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Sohail Anjum

Sohail Anjum completed his undergraduate degree in Zoology from University of Malakand in September 2019. He is a young researcher in Ecology. He has also worked with IUCN as a Reviewer of Proposals for IUCN Congress 2020.

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