A Blessing in Disguise: COVID-19 and its Impacts on Climate

With cessation of these activities earth took a quick recovery

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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” ~ Chief Seattle

The earth, our home is in state of constant reflux. Industrial revolution with its dark clouds of poisonous gases has never been a prudent bargain on the hands of humans for destroying its natural habitat. Human venture to tame nuclear energy further proves as a havoc to the atmosphere of this planet. In doing so we never realize that we are about to cross the threshold and earth will react someday before its final demise. Though the malicious bestowed on humans in the form of COVID-19 is yet unfathomable, still it seems to have some link with human activity. 21st century characterized by swiftness and speed- the life where slow internet is seen as a bug in the bonnet, where slow traffic is most annoying thing, where we prefer readymade and quick food as we prefer not to waste time on our own selves- is really slowed down by this pandemic. Humans are doing some things so unlike of them; it somehow gives them a forceful break the always yearn for. Other than that, our earth seems to take a sigh of relief- no vehicles in real hurry to reach somewhere, making noises and unease at their disposal. With cessation of these activities earth took a quick recovery. We do not need to monitor the recovery of earth with some sophisticated instruments, but it is manifested in the clean air and clear atmosphere which we can simply observe with our basic senses. Moreover, other terrestrial and marine life is overjoyed with this positive change in earth atmosphere. In the Atlantic Council Randolph Bell, Director of the Global Energy Center, described the relation between virus and a drop in carbon dioxide emissions level for current year. NASA’s satellite images have manifested the pollution discount in China as much as 25 % in four weeks of lockdown resulted from cut down in carbon dioxide emission. The most important question arise here is that are humans on their own not able to cut down activities resulting in pollution? Why we need some forceful divine interference to keep our planet clean? COVID-19 has clearly taught us that keeping our planet clean is actually possible, humans can actually slow down their speed not only to save themselves and their future generation but also all the life which is sharing this planet on earth. Though COVID-19 has consummated several lives but still it is far behind in its cruelty than the issues created by humans on their own. Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, showed that the threat of COVID-19 is temporary, on the other hand, the threat of droughts, floods, and extreme storms linked to climate change will remain for years and will require constant action.

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Rafia Nimal

Rafia Nimal is PhD student at the department of chemistry, Quaid Azam University, Islamabad.

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