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  • Photo of World Day for Laboratory Animals; Call to Save Animals

    Hello Ecology and The Environment Readers Today we explore that every year 24th April is celebrated as world Day for lab animals. This day urges us to advocate for the animals used in labs in biomedical research. History This day was first established on 24th April 1980. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the first platform  to…

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  • Photo of 23rd April; World Book Day: Lets Read

    Hello Ecology and The Environment Readers! Today we explore that tomorrow is 23rd April,  World book Day. UNESCO is the forum which undertakes the responsibility to celebrate it.  Its most popular and second name is  World Book and Copyright Day. When The first World Book Day was on 23rd April 1995. Do You know why it is on this date?…

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  • Photo of Earth Day; A Promise to Protect Earth and Environment

    Hello Ecology and The Environment Readers! Today, the 22nd April is Earth Day. Globally in 193 countries people and governments are promising to protect the Mother Globe and its Environment. To make this surface suitable for all to lice, for humans and for other organisms too. The History On this day in 1970, more than 120 countries signed the global…

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  • Photo of COVID-19: Some facts about the pandemic

      A Deep Look into Covid-19 What is covid-19 Covid-19 is caused by SARS-COV-2 which is a member of the family of coronaviruses. There are many, if not hundreds of coronaviruses. The first to be identified in Humans was in 1960s. How it came? The new diseases, usually infectious ones, are frequently coming from animals toward humans, just like SARS…

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  • Photo of Germany With Lowest Corona Deaths: Why?

    Hello Ecology and The Environment Readers! Today, We explore from The New York Times that Germany has reported more than 0.1 Million cases but the death rate is very low. This exception is due to many reasons; Some of these are: The first cases occurred in young people who were very strong with respect to immune system.   The government has…

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  • Photo of Call For Scientific Articles: Lets Go Together,

    Hello Ecology and The Environment Readers! Today we announce a great news for all of our readers. This year we are planning to publish our first online and printed Science Magazine with the name Ecology and The Environment. We hope you will find it good and fascinating as well as interesting. We invite you for this golden opportunity to be with us…

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  • Photo of COVID-19: Precautionary Measures, Mental Strength is Important

      Today we know that an outbreak of coronavirus causing COVID-19 has put the human life on a broken ship inside water. The life of all is at risk throughout the world. Thousand of cases and thousand of deaths has drawn the red lines between the people. The most famous quote “United we stand, Divided we fall” is now reverse…

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  • Photo of Climate change and birds: solutions to the crisis: One Day Conference

    Hello Ecology and The Environment Readers! What are the problems of climate change for birds? and what are the solutions? To deal with the climate crisis, facing by the world these days, BOS is going to arrange a one day conference in UK. For details of the conference click Here

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  • Photo of Marsh Antwren Got Support; Healthy News

    Hello Ecology and The Environment Readers! Today, We share good news with you. The critically Endangered and small bird species is a resident bird of South America. Formicivora paludicola, on the list as CR. Now it is time for this bird to live in a very good but safe conditions. Its habitat is going to be the safest of all. For…

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  • Photo of Congratulations: Dr. Hazrat Ali Has Been Promoted to Associate Professor

    Hello Ecology and The Environment Readers! Exciting News We are excited to announce a big news for all of us that Director of this organization Dr. Hazrat Ali is now an Associate Professor. It is a big news for all of us. We hope it will bring more fast and fruitful advances for our future initiatives. Congratulations

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