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Sikandar Shah

Sikandar Shah

Sikandar Shah is an enthusiastic and energetic student of Botany Department, University of Peshawar, Peshawar. He published many research articles in prestigious national and international journals. He also participated in more than ten national and international Conferences, seminars , Symposia. He also stand as an organizer of many events and work as ambassador and student member with many societies. Now a days he is leading Plants Educational Forum-UOP volunteerly for public awareness.
  • Eco StoriesPhoto of Nature’s Miracle; A Plant

    Nature’s Miracle; A Plant

    Hello Ecology and The Environment Readers! Background Besides other natural resources, Nature has left no stone unturned in endowing resources to humans. Rivers, Mountains, Desserts, Fertile land and four seasons are those elements which if own by the inhabitants of a country are considered as lucky. But Pakistan being bestowed by such blessings that even No one cannot imagine Like…

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