Why Is It Important to Study a Cell

People often ask, why it is important to study a cell? The answer may be very simple by explaining some of the aspects. below are some reasons for this question.

  1. As the cell is the building block of a living body, therefore, it is essential to study it.
  2. Functionally, all types of chemical reactions take place at the level of the cell.
  3. As the cell is the basic unit, all chemical changes occur at the level of each and every cell.
  4. Some cells live for the whole age, from birth to death, like that of the nerve cells.
  5. While some other cells, like that of skin cells, shed out at regular intervals.
  6. When a disease hits a living organism, it hits at a cellular level.
  7. The development of any drug is aimed at the cellular level, and, thus disease can be cured while targetting it at the cellular level too.

The above discussion is clearly elaborated that cells are the units that are basic with respect to their function and structure.

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