US Back into Paris Climate Agreement

Climate is a key for today’s news. During the Year 2019, Donald Trump, former president of the US, announced the kickback of the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. Now the US is back into Paris Climate Agreement. In a former announcement of his election campaign, Joe Biden announced that if he becomes the president, he would agree back and will sign the agreement.

The Paris Climate Agreement

This formal agreement was signed in 2016. This is a formal agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. There are 195 signatories of this agreement. This agreement cops with the mitigation, adaptation, and finance of greenhouse gas emissions. Signatories agree to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases in the world. This formal agreement agrees upon the balancing of emission of gases from the source with that of the sink. This also agrees to keep the increase in global temperature below 1.5C by adopting such measures and steps. The Paris Climate Agreement is now in full swing.

Under this Climate agreement, all countries should introduce measures and steps for minimizing the number of greenhouse gases. These countries should also report their steps to the UNFCCC each year.

AIMS of The Agreement

Some aims are setup in eyes to see the world as free of greenhouse gases.

  1. To limit the global temperature to 1.5C.
  2. To make such measure as to adopt people to increase in temperature.
  3. Make a constant flow to finance such measures of climate change in order to cope with its effects.

Who Is Responsible?

Seeing with an eagle’s eye, it is clear that China is at the top position who adds greenhouse gases to the planet with a 28% share. The USA is on second after China, and its share is 14%.

Good News

In his election campaign, the newly elected President of the USA, announced that he will make his country part of the Paris Climate Agreement again if he becomes president. Few hours after his oath, he signed an executive order, and now the US is again part of PCA. It is very good news for all of us because US has a great share in adding to the climate destruction, they will now actively act upon.


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US Back into Paris Climate Agreement

Climate is a key for today's news. During the Year 2019, Donald Trump, former president of the US, announced the kickback of the US...

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