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What we study in Ecology? What is Ecology? What is its Importance?

  1. What is Ecology?

Ecology is the combination of two words one is οἶκος, which means “house” and the second one is -λογία, which means “study of”. So in simple words, we can say, “it is the study of the interaction of living organisms with each other and with their physical environment”. It is a rather recent emerging branch of Biology. This term includes environment and organisms including humans, bacteria, all mammals, all types of plants, simply vertebrates and invertebrates.

2. Scope

Ecology has a broader scope rather than a simple one. It ranges from the very rare ecosystem of caves, going through riverine, terrestrial, savanna, and up to grasslands and trophic.

3. Diversity

Ecology contains a wide range of ecosystems. some of them are caves, marine, freshwater, tundra, savanna, polar regions, mountains, tropical areas, and a lot more. There are thousands of organisms living in these ecosystems. These include invertebrates like poriferans, crustaceans, echinoderms, insects, and vertebrates like fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

4. Components

Ecology has physical as well as living components. The physical components are known as abiotic while the living components are known as biotic components. Water, soil, temperature, humidity, gravity, atmosphere are abiotic while biotic components are producers, consumers, decomposers. producers are photosynthetic organisms capable of food synthesis by themselves while consumers and decomposers rely on producers for their existence.

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